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Sex Parties in London

Not so long ago, sex parties in London were most commonly associated with the swinging 60s and extreme sex fetishes.

This is no longer the case, Swingers parties in London have been growing in popularity over the years and sex parties are becoming a more mainstream affair, even more reserved to the Elite rich and beautiful people. This is a trend that has been happening with International couples parties, and is very evident with swingers in Europe.

From themed costume parties, elite cocktail soirees to all out sex parties in luxury mansion in Mayfair, there are a variety of party options available for the sexually curious and adventurous. These new style of upmarket sex parties are not necessarily open to everyone. In fact, the criteria for the most popular parties in London is rather strict. Some of these parties are spreading to other swingers in UK, and we now have swingers parties in Manchester, and even swingers in Birmingham are having Elite parties based on the London parties.

Killing Kittens is one of the most popular sex parties in London. In fact, they are all over the world now, hosting over 20 events a month across six countries. It was created in 2005 by Emma Sayle, who saw there was a demand for exclusive sex parties for attractive young swingers. So Killing Kittens started off with events exclusively for 18 – 45 young swingers, then expanded to parties for the over 45 by invitation only.

Here are some of the popular swingers parties in London